Learn about the Foxborough Memorial Squares


The Memorial Squares around town are dedicated to the Veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice. There are a total of 29 Memorial Squares around town. Each Memorial Square is placed to be close to the location of where the Veteran lived. The Foxborough Historical Commission is looking for people to adopt a Memorial Square.

How to Care for the Memorial Square

The most important piece of the Adopt a Veteran’s Square involves keeping the plaque and pole intact, visible, and free of overgrowth. The town will maintain the pole, its parts and its plaques.

The guardian(s) can keep the pole free of weeds and grass that might obstruct the pole, and make sure the plaque at the top of the pole is visible. The town will remove over hanging branches.

Additionally, the guardian(s) can provide mulch around the plaque and low growing plants and flowers at the base in a manner that does not obstruct the pole.  Some may choose seasonal growths such as mums for the fall, evergreen bows or wreath for winter, bulbs for spring or annuals for summer.   Others may choose to maintain a planter with seasonal growth.

The Boy Scouts refresh and replace flags on the plaques annually in anticipation of Memorial Day.  An eagle scout candidate will also refresh the small pots with artificial flowers this season.  Flags needed for the plaques other times of the year can be obtained from Foxborough Veterans Agent Michael Johns in the town hall. Also, damaged flags can be turned over to the Veterans Agent for proper disposal.

If attention needed for damage to the pole holding the plaque or if there is excessive overgrowth contact DPW Director Roger Hill or the Town Engineer, Christopher Gallagher. They can be reached at 508-543-1228.

If there is damage or attention need for the plaque, contact the Historical Commission. Local contractor, John Gaetani, graciously provides for the painting of the plaques. Guardians wishing to assist with this can consult with Mr. Gaetani by contacting the Historical Commission.



Contact us below to Adopt a Square or to learn more.